Need A Lightweight Proxy Service?

You can take back control of the personal information that's shared as standard on most computers. We have installed a powerful, dynamic and high security anonymity browser on our private technology server which is always available for public access. There are many PC security tools out there which require installing software such as VPNs, using http or socks proxies. The virtual proxy browser we run skips all of that and adds privacy features on web pages which are immediately sent back to you.

Cloaking Your IP Address

Encrypt URL Encrypt Page Allow Cookies Remove Scripts Remove Objects

Every internet connected device has an identifiable marker called an IP address. This forms the basis of how the internet works and communicates. When people are tracking your activity online, it is possible to connect the dots of website visits and find out who was actually doing it. The Install Proxy throws a spanner in the works by obfuscating vital details like cookies, stripping out certain codes and reducing domain history. It is always better to cover your tracking, anyone could be watching!